Much Ado About Everything

Some people can never put their mind to rest.
It’s always juggling between – Life, family, work, friends, nature, tax.
Some of them take the longest time to sleep at night because it’s difficult for them to stop their thoughts from running like an untamed bull.
Most of them walk around hidden behind a facade.


Waking up every morning, looking in the mirror and putting up the best mask, imagining themselves in colourful surroundings;
Wanting to turn and run away when they see the world through the buzzing screens;
Wishing to meet people and then changing mind because it looks like a task;
Listening to the same song on loop, full volume, while going to work to avoid small talk;
Waiting for people to cancel so they don’t become the bad guy.



What once made them happy now makes them tremble.
They keep staring into nothingness.
They envy the people who can walk confidently in any room and leave an impression.
The thought of approaching people directly terrifies them: Just the idea of it sends shivers down the spine.
They could spend their whole life waiting for that bravery to arrive.


They may be screaming ‘go away’ at someone who isn’t even there.
But they’ll need someone, just for once, to be nice to them.
They’ve been putting people ahead of themselves;
Put their faith in the wrong person;
Opened up to the wrong people.



They start seeing themselves in black and white surroundings again.
They have void somewhere that’s being forcefully filled with skin, ashes and dying hopes.
So they quit believing that everything is “okay” or “fine” : Stopped waiting for a “fine someday” and started making solitude mean something.


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