Magic Escape


All this time, I have been everybody else’s: An advisor, a confidante, a “great” listener, the best friend. I chose writing because it is the only thing that brings me closer to me.

I did not start writing with the intention to put my blog on Adsense or for attention. I did not do it to “trend” on social media. Let’s face it – not everybody knows who I really am. I did not do it because I am ‘wizard with words’ or have an okay-ish vocabulary (because, frankly, Google grammar and Oxford dictionary helps me).


I did it to tell myself – I can do it. I did it because I believe in the power of words; Because words may seem irrelevant, insignificant, small, while the reality begs to differ. I did it because I love to observe; what people do, how they do it and why, how they feel after doing it. I did it to express my thoughts. Like I say, if you believe in something, believe it firmly. I do not do it to stir the debater in you. I chose it because it chose me.

Words are the most underrated things ever. Words transform. They are free. It’s how we use them that costs us. We do not realise the power of a normal “Thank you” or a “Please“.
One word – Sorry – can save a relation.
Two words – It’s Cancer – can bring someone’s world crashing down.
Three words – I Love You – can heal the agony in your loved one’s heart.
Four words – I believe in myself – can change one’s life.


Writing is an escape for me. I want to arouse imagination, tickle hearts, storm brains. I want to be a person with many stories; be more expressive; make myself, my family, everyone who know me proud; Read and learn as much as I want. The day someone remarks while I read something, I want to smile and say it’s my new story.

I am sure that to this day, you remember the words that shaped you, that made you believe and grow, the words that broke your heart. We all have words that changed our lives. Had I given up now, I would never have done a single worthwhile thing again. I was more than anything I had done before. It took me a lot of time to know this. You do not have to be a master of words to create magic.



4 thoughts on “Magic Escape

  1. You r good with words. So I think u must keep going. Its not about getting likes and favourable comments all time. Its about giving your best out.


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